Maui – Our last day

Picture of flowers
Picture of Ashlee At The Mauian Hotel
Ashlee At The Mauian Hotel

Today was our last day in Maui before heading to the Big Island, so we decided to see a few places we hadn’t been before heading to the airport. We took our time packing our bags and eating the awesome breakfast at the Mauian Hotel before checking out. We had not yet been to Kihei, so we headed that way. There was a nice little market where we did some shopping, then we had a great lunch over at the Dog & Duck Pub.

Big Beach was our next stop on the way to the airport. The sand on the beach was   fluffy white and the water was bright blue. While photographing, we ran into Twilight who had we had met the day before at Baby Beach. He suggested we check out Little Beach just a short hike away. Upon arrival, we found many people working on full body tans, as this is Maui’s most famous nude beach. We chose not to participate in this nakedness and needed to catch our plane, so we headed out.

Picture of Big Beach, Maui
Big Beach, Maui
Picture of Our awesome pilot Rick!
Our awesome pilot Rick!

After returning our rental car to Bio Beetle ECO Rental Cars and getting through security, we sat at our terminal and worked on writing this blog. After a few minutes a pilot approached us and asked about what we were working on. We told him that we had recently started blogging about our adventures – he thought it was a great idea. We got so involved in conversation that we didn’t realize everyone but us was boarding the plane.  After a bit, a flight attendant came out and notified the pilot that he was needed. He asked us if we were on his flight Kona, at which point we scrambled to get on the flight. Turns our there there were only 17 passengers, so our flight attendants allowed us to sit in whatever seats were available. We were really enjoying the gorgeous views of the sunset and Mauna Kea as we descended toward the island. After we landed in Kona we had a chance to chat with our pilot Rick a bit more. We took a quick picture with him and he insisted he take our picture in front of the plane with the flight attended waving in the background. That was the best flight we have ever experienced.

Picture of us with the plane
What a great flight!

Once we retrieved our luggage, we heading to pick up our rental car. The guy at the counter was extremely nice and helpful, he showed us all the cars he had in the lot because business is slow in September. We decided to pay a little extra and upgrade to a 4 wheel drive Jeep Wrangler. He was nice enough to look up the available discounts for AAA and Costco and help us get the upgrade for a great price. It was getting late, so we decided to head directly to our hotel. We arrived at the King Kamehameha Marriott and had another amazing customer service experience. When we asked what kind of view we were getting from our room, the front desk staff debated back and forth of several minutes and finally decided on the nicest room they could put us in for the rate we were paying. They were able to give us a mountain view room that was beautiful. In addition they gave us a large box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts to enjoy. We ended the night by enjoying some fish tacos by the pool side before heading to bed.

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