Maui – our first day in Hawaii

Good evening!

Ashlee Taking a picture of the Maui Coastline
Taking pictures of the Maui Coast

Today’s blog is really special because I get to share our first day on Maui with all of you.  David and I have talked about traveling here for years; and we are so excited to spend two weeks in Hawaii.

The flight was great! We got up at 3:30 in order to get on a plane early enough to see some of Maui today. We flew with Hawaiin Airlines and it was a good experience. When we arrived at Oakland Airport, the TSA agents lead everyone at security with a moment of silence in remembrance of all those who perished on September 11th, 2001. It was a somber start to our otherwise cheerful trip. Our plane left on time and the flight crew was very nice. And in an interesting twist – the food actually tasted pretty good. They are one of the few airlines left serving breakfast. We will be flying with them again. 😉

The Needle, Maui
The Needle

After the 5 hours we spent in the plane, Maui was more than a welcome sight! We called the nice people over at Bio Beetle ECO Rental Cars and they picked us up in a nice Biodiesel fueled VW Jetta TDI that we get to explore maui with. Our first stop was ʻĪao Valley State Monument only a few miles from the airport. The hike to to the top was not long, but included many steps. We spent a little time there enjoying the warm, humid air and all the greenery. The view were stunning and I would recommend checking it out if you are in the area an have time.

After our quick hike, we stopped by the Safeway in town for some drinks and snacks before heading to lunch. We headed across the street and down a ways to Giannotto’s Pizza and enjoyed a few slices, then went on to explore Hwy 340 (Kahekili Hwy) just north of Kahului. The road was VERY windy and narrow enough for the tall grasses to touch the car on both sides at the same time in a few places. The road does include some beautiful views and I would recommend it, but only if you are a VERY confident driver and can back a car down a narrow winding road when someone needs to pass the other way. We witnessed a few drivers who were incapable of driving the road properly and it lead to the locals backing out great distances to let the tourist pass. I’m sure this inconvinience is unwelcome and can not stress enough that you should have the courtesy to not drive the road if you don’t feel 100% confident you can get out of the way when another vehicle needs to pass the other direction.

Wrecked vehicles in Maui
Wrecked Vehicles

We saw many abandoned wrecked vehicles along this route – giving you an idea how treacherous the road may be for all but the most seasoned drivers.


Derrell's Little grass shack
Little Grass Shack

At the North end of the Island (Accessible from the west without taking the narrow winding road) was a place everyone should go visit. At the north end of the island, just past Nakalele Blowhole, right where Hwy 30 crossed Honokohau Stream, you will find a neat slice of paradise hiding out near a heap of rusting cars (odd right?). Here you can access the rocky cove and get fresh cut Pineapple, Star Fruit, Cold drinks, and other goodies from Darrell – one of the most welcoming guys you could meet.

Picture of Driftwood behind the Little Grass Shack
Driftwood behind the Little Grass Shack
The impressive wood carvings Tuli does.
Tuli’s wood carvings

Just across the tiny road you will find a man carving all kinds of incredible wood figures – his name is Tuli, and you will not regret making the drive to meet him and see (maybe even take home) his incredible wood carvings.


After our exploration of the northeast side of the island we checked in to the Mauian Hotel and settled in. This place is awesome! With 2 fans in the room and every window opening wide, the lack of air conditioning was not an issue – the weather here is incredible! We walked down the beach to the Sea House Restaurant for dinner. The few of the sunset from the dining patio was awesome, and the food was good. It was a great way to wrap up the day before our last walk along the beach and a nice long shower. It is now time for us to get some sleep after this long fun-filled day!


Picture of David with our new surfboard sign and Tuli
David with our new surfboard sign and Tuli

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